Friendly Lancashire Lass, who's as mad as a box of frogs.....


Corrie Shelley is a singer-songwriter from Lancashire, UK

Corrie is making up for lost time having only recently rediscovered the joy of songwriting after a 30 year break, and in the space of three years has released 3 albums.

 As a folk singer/songwriter, her songs take us on a journey of random thoughts, fuelled by copious cups of sweet 'builders' tea, which transport us to 17th century scenes of Lords and Peasant girls, 18th century pirate ships ‘The Whydah' which sank 300 yrs ago, into the 19th century covering wars, mining tragedies and affairs of the heart.  

"Each Song appears like a movie in my head of a story that I must tell, whether it be sad, factual or happy"

Her alluring vocals and storytelling paint vivid pictures in your mind… “As good a piece of folk rock as you’ll find anywhere, reminiscent of Prelude and Pentangle.” Liz Franklin - EdenFM & Blues and Roots Radio

"For me the standout track on The Leaf and The Cane album is the accapella track "Jonny", a song about a boy who, together with father and older brothers die in a mining disaster, a child sent down the mines because they family needed his small coins to pay the rent and avoid eviction. If this song fails to move you, you must be the sort of person that votes for bedroom tax, takes taxpayers money to restore their own home and actively calls for the repeal of the health and safety "red tape" that stops this sort of thing from happening.

If that makes this sound a bit like a depressing album, it's not, there are also songs of uplifting spirit, triumph over adversity. "The Leaf And The Cane" has been well put together, there is a lot of variety in its ten songs and Corrie Shelley is showing herself to be quite the performer." Neil King - Fatea Magazine

" The leaf and the cane is one of the stand out albums of 2017, Corrie's unique style gives a superbly traditional feel to the songs she writes." - Brian Player - Acoustic Cafe - Why Valley Radio & Blues and Roots Radio

"Corrie Shelley confirms that she is a talented singer song-writer delivering assured and eminently listenable music - Forget Me Not is a classy album from a talented singer-songwriter with an alluring voice which deserves to be heard widely. - Narrative and storytelling are potent elements in Corrie's writing, and I detect underlying themes of personal strength and resilience running through many of the lyrics." - David Pratt - Fatea Magazine

Looking Sharp

The LineUp

Corrie is joined by Les Hilton on Guitar/Harmonica, Stephen Shelley on Percussion and Nicki Louise on Bass