Would you like to host your own gig in the comfort of your own home/garden.

Now you can….

Its becoming more and more popular for singer/songwriters and duos to perform in intimate surroundings, to a select audience.

Many suggest that you invite between 15-20 friends/family/colleagues who you think would enjoy live music. We’re happy to play to as many people as you’d like to invite…. be it 5 or 500….

There are a number of different ways you can host a house gig.

1) Ask your friends to ‘donate’ at the end of the gig into a hat or tin.

2) Raffle some prizes (remember not to put prizes in there that one of your guests may have given you as a Christmas or birthday present).

3) Get your friends / Family / colleagues to buy a ticket to attend

Why not put on a buffet or ask your guests to bring along a dish and a bottle, and make an evening of it…

Would you love to book a gig, but feel that your house/flat is too small to accommodate us ?
Why not see if your local coffee shop/cafe or micro pub would be willing to let you host it in their premises, almost all of these establishments have PRS licences, and it will bring custom to their door especially if you choose a normally quiet time in their diary.

Please use the Contact Me page to enquire about our fees and to book your house gig, or better still call me and we can have a natter about the gig in more detail.

Corrie & Les

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